Mission and Vision

The Palm Beach Makos Minor League Football Team

The Palm Beach Makos (www.palmbeachmakos.org) of West Palm Beach Florida, is a Non-Profit (501c3) Men’s Minor League Football Team which had its inaugural season in the Southeastern Football League (SEFL) in 2009-2010. After completing a full season with the SEFL, the Makos have joined the Florida Football Alliance (FFA), The League that Delivers, for the 2011 season.

The team consists of players from Palm Beach, Broward and Miami/Dade Counties who have played with colleges as far away as California, the State of Washington, Iowa, to Eastern Tennessee, New York to as close as Miami and Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, Florida here in Palm Beach. We also have players who have played with local high schools in the Palm Beach county area.

How It Began

The Makos was acquired in March of 2009 by the Teams’ Managing Partner / CEO and retired U.S. Marine, Daris Steen, MBA. When Steen acquired the team, there were 5 coaches and 11 players, to which many left to pursue other teams or move away from football altogether. The coaches are anchored by Head Coach Mike Rock, who has minor league and professional indoor football experience both as a player and a coach and General Manager Raymond (Ray) Gordon, who also has minor league experience as a player and coach.

The Marines Have Landed; “Semper Fidelis”

With this arduous task of building a team ahead of him, Steen called on his longtime friend and retired U.S. Marine Corps Master Sergeant, Reverend Gary Wilder, MTS, to assist him to build a championship caliber team. Hesitant, Rev. Wilder came aboard because he knew this would be a large undertaking. After much prayer, Rev. Wilder could not see his brother in arms seeking help and not come to his aid. This enhances the Marine Corps quote, “Never leave a Marine behind.” Therefore, “I could not leave my brother behind!” “We knew we would have to summon all of our Marine Corps experience to take on this mountain ahead of us, but as Marines, we welcomed the challenge!” Rev. Wilder took over duties as President, Chief Operating Officer, General Manager and Team Chaplin. They have proven to be “Semper Fidelis” which is Latin for “Always Faithful.”

The Premier Men’s Minor League Football Team of the Palm Beaches

With the ball in motion, Steen and Wilder set out to have the hottest ticket in minor league football; the PALM BEACH MAKOS! The Makos have assembled some of the most skilled and talented athletes from around the Palm Beach County area. We are committed to bringing the community in the Greater West Palm Beach area a quality product. “We will offer an exciting game competition that will prove to be an outstanding value for the price. All of which equals a great game-day experience for our fans. Additionally, this is an exciting time for businesses to become involved with our organization.

Our Vision, Our Mission

The Vision of the Palm Beach Makos is "To be the most successful Minor League Football while delivering the best customer experience in the South Florida area." Being the best means providing an outstanding quality football experience with excellence, and commitment, so that we make every fan at our games feel that same excitement!"

Our Mission is to serve our communities with: Honor (bringing integrity and respect to the sport), Courage (both morally by doing what is right, and physically by being prepared to play every game), Commitment (to our Faith, our Families, our communities, and to our Sport), and Leadership (maintaining a positive role model for both youth and adults alike). The Makos will provide every fan with an exciting, affordable, accessible, and entertaining game experience. So come and be apart of the Palm Beach Makos, so that we all can take a Bite out of our opponents, while Scoring Success, One Snap at a Time!

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Kneel in prayer rather than disrespect #UnitedStates #USflag https://t.co/UkpnjDTrLP

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Navigating Rough Waters https://t.co/D7IVELCA9j

@PalmBeachMakos Mar 17, 21:08

Makos home game this Saturday, March 18th at 7:00pm at DAN CALLOWAY COMPLEX 1420 W 10 St, Riviera Beach, FL 33404. Support your Makos!

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Join Your Makos. Visit us at https://t.co/pYwQhq96wb for news & updates! https://t.co/8ZGONWfxII

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Makos season opener this Saturday, January 28th, verses the Flagler Knights at Inlet Grove High… https://t.co/rZ5i7Dz3gm

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join the Makos January 28th as they play the Flagler Knights at Inlet Grove High School, 600 W. 28th Street in Rivi… https://t.co/yi0FdhzECd

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Toys for Tots game. Come be a part of the Makos wave. #palmbeachmakosfootball #community https://t.co/eTjgYb24WT

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Toys for Tots Games. Come be a part! #palmbeachmakos #ToysforTots #community https://t.co/I1ucmOuy0x

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M2B STEM Conference 2016. For info on our next event visit; https://t.co/kHbVxnuFzG #mentors @POTUS @FLOTUS #m2b https://t.co/S8PV2kgm8P

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M2B STEM Conference 2016. This is why we do it.… https://t.co/5znxqBxlXR

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STEM Success. In the next few days we will be posting photos of an… https://t.co/UOs9jSOS58

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Happy Thanksgiving!! Thanksgiving is a word of action that Comes from the heart. Be thankful for all Gods blessings! 1st Corinthians 15:57

@barnes_cedric Nov 18, 00:27

Not college, but real glad I'm getting another chance to play ball with the @PalmBeachMakos organization

@Men2Boys Nov 17, 02:51

@PalmBeachMakos many thanks for sharing Gary. And Happy bday Mighty Marines Oooorah!

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I cast my Heisman ballot for Deshaun Watson! Click the player you think deserves the @NissanUSA #HeismanHouse vote! https://t.co/iTcqaAhX1u

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🇺🇸Lake Worth Veterans Day Parade #lakeworthveteransdayparade #veteransday https://t.co/Qn6qN5rKDo

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@Men2Boys you're welcome & thank you!

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To all our Veterans! Thank You!! https://t.co/tE0fxMxlPv

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Veterans Affairs Advisory Counsel (VMAAC) veterans at Veterans Day Program at Social Security… https://t.co/nflk3IktRj

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I cast my Heisman ballot for Deshaun Watson! Click the player you think deserves the @NissanUSA #HeismanHouse vote! https://t.co/ld7nilO5br

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Online registration open for 40 slots available. https://t.co/kHbVxnuFzG #browardcounty #mentors #stem #m2b @POTUS https://t.co/riI7BFqG75

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Online registration open for 40 slots available.… https://t.co/uAaxw0j64b

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A little bit of your time helps in a big way. https://t.co/kHbVxnuFzG #mentors #browardcounty @margatepd @POTUS https://t.co/ifUls18QFN

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Part of the #StrongArm team out at Fight Time 32 @DJSCO32 @itsfiona100 thanks to @fighttimemma @CompleteMedia2 https://t.co/yro6PxY0az

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Fight Time 32 is amazing so far! @CompleteMedia2 @fighttimemma #MMA https://t.co/k04L8CMR7Q

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Say what u want about #Rio2016, but the Olympics bring my family together more than any sporting event. #FamilyTimeIsGoodTime

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